Global Grad Show 2022

An international graduate exhibition in Dubai featuring 100 impact innovation projects. Benefits include:

• Trip to Dubai

• $100,000 in prizes

• Networking with global academia and press

• Startup programme for impact innovators

All projects across all degrees, geographies and development stages are welcome.

Awards 2022

Global Grad Show 2022 features $100,000 in prizes, awarded to one project in each of these categories, split between the student(s) and supervising professor:

  • Environment: ideas supporting natural ecosystems and sustainable development

  • Health: projects focusing specifically on people’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing

  • Society: solutions that produce more harmonious, just, and developed societies

  • Corporate solutions: a special category across all disciplines, given to a project that can help companies to contribute to a better future

Key Dates

  • Oct


    Selection Announced

  • Nov


    Global Grad Show

2022 Programme

  • Showcase

    100 of the top global innovations are selected and invited to our international exhibition in Dubai (students and professors).

  • Prizes

    $100,000 in prizes are awarded to 4 teams across different thematic categories to support students and professors in their research.

  • Entrepreneurship Programme

    All applicants are invited to take part in the multi-phased entrepreneurship programme, developed by an international team of experts, and dedicated to graduates who want to take their projects to market.

  • Knowledge Exchange 

    Professors and students working towards similar goals are invited to connect and share their work in collaborative forums.

  • Media Coverage

    Projects are promoted through a global media campaign. (See press coverage)

  • Digital Showcase

    Each project is featured in the Global Grad Show digital exhibition that year and stays in our archives. (See example)

  • Funding

    Selected participants in our Entrepreneurship Programme have the opportunity to meet and pitch in front of investors, including A.R.M. Holding, which has pledged a $2.7 million fund for startups.

Who can apply?

Participation is free and open to students and recent graduates from all universities around the world. If you are currently researching and developing a project in any discipline that offers a solution to problems faced by people, communities, or the planet, we encourage you to apply.

Selection Criteria

Projects are chosen based on:

  • Originality in problem solving

  • Positive impact on people, communities, or the planet

  • Application of (high or low) tech or innovative methods

How to Apply

Fill in the application form and upload a proposal outlining:

  • Name of the project, participating student name(s), contact details

  • Project details that describe what it is, what it does, how it works, and the problem it solves.

  • Visual materials that help to explain your project, such as images, diagrams, illustrations, etc.

  • Links to any available videos or demos

Frequently Asked Questions