'Belief in A.I. brough together designers, engineers, theologists, artists, scientists and philosophers, complex and challenging questions surrounding the nature of artificial intelligence now and where it might take us in the future.

Like Global Grad Show, the exhibition to which it is connected, the conference insisted on more inclusive, international discussion of AI and provided insights into the nature of innovation, how it is interpreted in different cultures, and where it might take us in the future. Ben Vickers and Kenric McDowell were the curators the Belief in AI Conference.

Born in 1977 in Napa, California, Kenric McDowell currently lives in Topanga, California. Kenric has worked at the intersection of culture and technology for twenty years. He graduated from the International Center of Photography-Bard MFA program in 2007. He leads the Artist + Machine Intelligence program at Google Arts & Culture, where he facilitates collaboration between artificial intelligence researchers, artists, and cultural institutions. Kenric is a regular conference speaker and consultant to think tanks and arts organizations, helping groups connect artistic practice and technology production with larger traditions of human understanding.

The conference consisted of a series of keynotes, talks, panel discussions, presentations and performances from those working in the field to spearhead and shape the discussion and opportunity.

Event Programme

Belief in A.I.

The Atrium, Building 4

Mon 12 November — 9:30
Technology is the answer, but what was the question?
Brendan McGetrick
Mon 12 November — 10:00
Introduction by the Director of Global Grad Show who presents a preface to the conference and exhibition.
Introductory Presentation
Ben Vickers & Kenric McDowell
Mon 12 November — 10:15
Drawing on their long term engagement with artificial intelligence and creative practice, the curators of this year’s conference introduce the themes, motivations and key questions which the conference sets out to address.
Opening Keynote of Belief in AI
Rana Dasgupta
Mon 12 November — 10:45
Taking to task the implications of a nation-state system in crisis, Rana Dasgupta’s opening keynote addresses the geopolitical conditions of our time and reflects on the future trajectory of technology’s impact on citizenship.
Designing for Intelligence
Yuk Hui, Ramon Amaro & Rana Dasgupta
Mon 12 November — 11:55
This panel brings the question of historical bias and ethics to bare on the creation of artificial intelligence, challenging us to rethink how AI is designed and developed.

Mon 12 November — 13:30
Education in the Age of Automation
Jing Liu, Mathilde Marengo, Suranga Nanayakkara
Mon 12 November — 14:30
Professors from three of Global Grad Show’s participating universities speak with the exhibition’s curator about the ways in which technology is shaping design education and how to balance the often conflicting priorities of the digital and physical worlds.

Moderated by Brendan McGetrick
Creative Machines and their Human Collaborators – Casey Reas & Jenna Sutela
Mon 12 November — 15:25
Artists Casey Reas and Jenna Sutela each present a vivid journey of how artists are engaging and collaborating with machine intelligence to create art today through the spectrum of film, installation, performance, slime mould, sculpture, text and sound.

Moderated by Kenric McDowell and Ben Vickers
The Future of AI in Dubai
Noah Raford in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist
Mon 12 November — 16:45
Noah Raford, Chief Operating Officer and Futurist-in-Chief of the Dubai Future Foundation, presents the unique vision of AI’s application in the UAE, followed by a conversation on its long term implications with renowned international curator Hans Ulrich Obrist
Closing Keynote of Belief in AI
Benjamin Bratton
Mon 12 November — 17:55
Drawing on philosophy, architectural theory, and software studies, Bratton will outline how innovation has redrawn the maps of our geopolitical realities while exploring the opportunities for urban design practices today and how education must be remodelled to meet the complex challenges of tomorrow.
Private Preview | Global Grad Show
Mon 12 November — 19:00

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