Academic Awards

Celebrating the next generation of innovators


Global Grad Show’s awards celebrate the next generation of innovators and their commitment to finding solutions for social and environmental issues.

Since 2017 prizes have been presented to outstanding participants from the Global Grad Show showcase each year, awarded to academic innovators that use problem-solving to address challenges of global proportions. An independent jury selects recipients based on originality, social impact, and applicability, enabling them to further develop this project.

2022 Awards

Global Grad Show 2022 features $100,000 in prizes awarded to four teams showcasing at the event. A prize of $25,000 is awarded to one project in each of these categories, split between the student(s) and supervising professor:

    • Environment: ideas supporting natural ecosystems and sustainable development
    • Health: projects focusing specifically on people’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing
    • Society: solutions that produce more harmonious, just, and developed societies   
    • Corporate solutions: a special category across all disciplines, given to a project that can help companies to contribute to a better future