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13-17 November 2018
Submission Open 01.01.2017
WE ARE HERE Submission Closed 15.07.2017
14-18 November 2017 13.10.2017
Global Grad Show 13.10.2017
The Progress Prize is an international award that celebrates the next generation of design. The Prize is awarded to one Global Grad Show exhibitor each year. The winning project is selected by a jury of design and technology experts, through a transparent and public process of deliberation and debate.

The inaugural Progress Prize was awarded at the 2017 Global Grad Show. During the exhibition, the ten finalists were selected from this year’s exhibitors and presented their projects to the prize’s panel of judges in an atmosphere similar to a design studio “crit”.

The judge’s panel included experts in design, media, social entrepreneurship, fundraising, material development, and other industries. The multidisciplinary nature of the jury is intended to reflect the varied assortment of partners necessary to take a project from prototype to market.

Global Grad Show is a non-profit initiative created to promote innovation for all. The judges assessed the finalists’ projects according to the following four principles.


2017 Winner
Miko+: Physiotherapeutic Jewellery

About The

Innovation for all


Innovation is a value that transcends technology and exists independent of wealth. At Global Grad Show you’ll find projects of all kinds - high tech and low tech, luxurious and low cost, mechanical and manual and virtual.


In the exhibition there is no hierarchy between designers, schools or countries. All share space equally, with the projects mixed together and arranged according to theme.


Global Grad Show is a gathering of projects and people. In the exhibition, every work featured is represented by one of its designers. On this site you can find their contact information. If you’d like better understand a project, just ask. No question is too basic and no issue too complex.


This exhibition celebrates innovation for social and environmental good. It has been made to honor and encourage a new generation working to design a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous world.

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