Singularity 5G Waveguide

To support the tremendous demands on mobile data traffic, researchers are motivated to overcome the global bandwidth shortage by exploring the under-utilised millimetre-wave frequency spectrum.

A millimetre-wave communication system has a large bandwidth, which can be exploited to provide a fast data transfer rate up to multi-gigabits per second. However, as millimetre-wave filters operate in a higher frequency band, they are highly sensitive to component value variations, resulting in complex and expensive manufacturing processes. The Chained-Function Waveguide Filter offers a robust and compact filter with reduced sensitivity to manufacturing errors, providing a low-cost and reliable solution to achieving sustainable filter synthesis for 5G and beyond.

The project was one of the participants in Global Grad Show 2019 Entrepreneurship Programme, receiving training and mentorship to accelerate its development as a startup.

Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)

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