Global Grad Show invited its community of 260 universities around the world to submit proposals addressing the collateral issues brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The open call received 390 submissions from 125 universities in 40 countries, between March 16 and April 2, demonstrating the ability and potential of the international academic community to generate innovative solutions for complex problems.

The proposals received included a diverse set of solutions tackling issues ranging from shortage of medical supplies and tools for mental health to data-driven public policies and epidemic-ready cities.

Global Grad Show received the support of a jury of innovation and venture-building experts to identify projects that could be further developed. Following two assessment rounds, detailed analysis and a series of interviews, four projects were selected based on their development requirements, scalability and readiness to be accelerated. They will embark on an acceleration programme and receive business training, mentorship and networking opportunities, to develop their ideas towards implementation.

Projects selected for development phase